The Power of my Work

I may not be able to “explain” what it is that I do however, 

when someone gives me permission to be in alignment with their heart -

I am able to meet them at their vulnerability,

as that is where the healing takes place. 

How may I be of service?


Your amazing journey of KNOWING & EMBRACING YOU.

Lovingly, in flow.


Small group, play centered, abundant healing retreats.

Hawaii & Colombia (español)


Intensive Live-in

Transformation at it’s finest, in your personal space. 

For my deep divers...

Women - Unleashing Feminine Power

Divine sexuality, Embracing one's voice, Owning your power, Showing up, just BEing

Sacred journey - ALL woman.

Children - Gifted & Misunderstood

Our children "labeled" ADD/ADHD, depression hold a celestial gift. 

Parents, connect to learn more.

Men - Tap into Emotion & Vulnerability

Looking within to heal the "masculine, societal" expectations that don’t serve you

Lovingly Raw - safe space.

How can I be of service?