As a recovering Catholic, Colombian raised in New York City, I felt torn 

most of my adult life not understanding who I was. 

A dancer, an athlete, a beauty pageant queen, great with kids, an 

adventurer who loved to travel the world, life was good, on the outside, 

but I felt turmoil in my heart.

Panic attacks, fear of impending doom, feelings of psychosis, “perhaps 

I should admit myself” came on. I was alone. Not understanding what 

was going on and feeling like I was going crazy, I escaped with my vices.  

Deemed with anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, alcoholism, 

perfectionism, anger, lack of self love, I lived a double life -  

my secret was safe.  

Until I began to wake up. 

I wandered for some time experimenting with different modalities.

Plant medicine, shifting nutrition, neuro-linguistics programming, energy 

healing, ET’s, past lives, guided by ancestors and angels, while working 

through the emotional root causes of ill beliefs, bad habits, societal 

programming, vicious cycles of self sabotage.

Once clearing my space, I was then able to adopt healthier habits, shift my mindset, understand what it is that I  wanted, feel peace within me, thus 

creating and manifesting the life that i so truly desired. 

My journey to awakening led me to see my gift and purpose.  

My gift as an Intuitive Empath who can sense energy, illness, 

emotions in others, no longer felt like a curse. 


I realized my purpose to serve and guide those that are now going 

through their own Awakening to Consciousness. 

My journey has allowed me to understand who 

Melissa Faith Ramirez IS and desires to BE. 

My personal freedom is now alive. 

And I am here to guide you in igniting YOURS.


* To wake up your personal freedom.

* To walk your journey of self-healing to more abundance, more peace, more loving adventure.


* To learn to trust, listen and be guided by the inner wisdom you hold that is your truth.


* To strengthen your gifts and superpowers.


* To create the life you desire and have  it happen FOR you instead of TO you.

The work I do is not for everyone as we all have our divine timing for when we are ready to look within and heal all of those emotional ills, limiting self-beliefs, negative patterns that no longer serve us. It’s a fear we’ve turned away from most of our lives due to it being too painful to face. 

However, if you are open to allow me to share with you on how we can make this ride an adventure, instead of a painful chore, then I look forward to meeting you.

Lovingly Raw